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NeuMAX® Technology Overview

NeuClone has world leading expertise in the upstream development of biosimilars including  analytics and cell biology expertise to confirm biosimilarity. With this experience, NeuClone has developed the NeuMAX® platform as a part of its  Right from the Start approach to making biosimilars.

NeuMAX® is an integrated CHO cell-based platform for commercial scale manufacture of complex biologics, including monoclonal antibodies and other protein drugs. The platform comprises a complementary portfolio of technologies that enhance CHO cell production of protein drugs, with major manufacturing advantages.

The system includes:

  • NeuCHO® – a robust and enhanced CHO cell line with superior viability and growth characteristics;
  • pNeu® -Vectors – optimised expression vectors, designed for enhanced expression, complementary to NeuCHO® cells;
  • NeuGRO® – a low cost, chemically defined and animal component-free medium formulation designed to complement NeuCHO® cell lines.
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