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The NeuClone Approach

Biosimilars Right from the Start

The NeuClone Right from the Start®  framework underpins the ability of the company to deliver biosimilars across two important parameters: quality and price. Delivering biosimilars of the highest quality, at an affordable price is critical to success in both developed and Rest of World (RoW) markets.

NeuClone’s processes and technologies ensure quality and price through its focus on three key elements, Right from the Start®:

  • Right Sequence – early focus on primary structure (amino acid sequence) identification of originator products through proprietary processes involving peptide mass fingerprinting, intact mass and x-ray crystallography to ensure the right sequence is used from the very start of development.
  • Right Approach – NeuClone’s Biosimilarity by Design™ approach is based on QbD principles that tests and confirms biosimilarity from the earliest stages of development. The company also possesses world leading internal analytics capabilities for every stage of biosimilar development.
  • Right Price – Significant cost reductions are achieved through NeuClone’s technologies (see NeuMAX®) that enhance cell line productivity and reduce large scale manufacturing costs.
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